Univ. of Akron asks:

Interested in
Four Years of College
With No Student Debt ?

No need to reread that headline.   It's correct.

The University of Akron is instituting its Zips Affordability Scholarship.

To quote the University: "This brand-new scholarship was created because we know the cost of college can be a barrier for students, and grants and scholarships don't always cover tuition and fees."

In general:

  • The scholarship covers the remainder of tuition and fees at the University after all federal and state grants have been applied;
  • Student must be eligible for a Pell Grant;
  • Student must live in Summit County or one of the five contiguous counties;
  • Student must be a new, first-time freshman upon entering their first semester of college;
  • This aid can be available for up to eight consecutive semesters.

Here are complete details on the terms of the scholarship and how to apply.

And here is an example of how Akron Public School grads are already benefiting from this scholarship.