Review of the Super
Not So Super

Bad grades for new Superintendent

Many workplaces require annual performance reviews of their employees.   Their purpose is to identify an employees' strengths and weaknesses on the job.

So, how would you feel if this was part of your annual performance evaluation?

"This relationship has completely failed solely due to her unwillingness, inflexibility, and resistance which is quite irreparable.   The District can no longer sustain this type of dysfunctional operation with inadequate leadership who prioritizes political and business stakeholders' feedback over the Board's feedback."

This statement, issued by Akron School Board President, Dr. N. J. Akbar, is part of a rather dismal first-year performance review of Akron Public Schools Superintendent, Christine Fowler Mack.

Although other Board members were not quite as scathing in their evaluation of Fowler Mack, Board Vice President, Derrick Hall, commented, "Board members have openly accused the Superintendent of being misleading, and I have had several Board members share with me that the Superintendent has been untruthful on many occasions."

The performance review was completed by the Board and signed on June 27.

For a fuller account of the Board's evaluation of its new Superintendent, read the article appearing in the July 10 edition of the Akron Beacon Journal.

7/17 UPDATE:
Here is a response from members of the community to the Board's evaluation of Fowler Mack, and here is an editorial from nine former Board members in support of the Superintendent.

7/22 UPDATE:
And here is the response by the Superintendent to her evaluation by the Board ("...I will continue to listen and learn as I lead.").

All three above articles appeared in the Akron Beacon Journal.