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Guns Are Killing Our Children

Think you know what the leading cause of death is for children in America?   Auto accidents?   CoViD-19 or one of its variants?   Wrong and wrong.

Here are the startling findings from the Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention at the University of Michigan as reported on the PBS NewsHour on April 26:

" 2016, researchers at the University of Michigan found firearm-related injuries were the second leading cause of death among American children, behind only car crashes."

"In the years that followed, that gap narrowed.   And, in 2020, gun deaths soared past motor vehicle accidents to become the leading cause of death for 1-to-19-year-olds in the United States."

That 1-19-year-old age group includes everyone from toddlers to pre-schoolers to students just out of high school — in other words, every Akron Public School student and every student of every other school district.

Here is the complete PBS NewsHour segment.