East Partners With
Stark State

In what is described as a "sister college" relationship, Stark State College will enter into an academic partnership with East.   It already has a similar relationship with Garfield.

This sort of partnership is a component of the College and Career Academy structure of the Akron Public Schools.   In addition to dozens of business partners, the school district is working to pair each high school with a "sister" college or university.

Stark President, Para Jones, stated, "We are thrilled to become a 'sister college' to East C.L.C. and build upon our strong collaboration with Akron Public Schools."

The College will work closely with teachers at East to develop career-oriented classroom content, to make Stark facilities available to East students, and to encourage students to explore academic and career options beyond high school.

Here is a companion article as printed in the Akron Beacon Journal.

Pictured below is the formal partnership announcement held on January 20 at the Stark Akron campus.