No Gun-Totin' Teachers
in Akron Schools

Despite newly-enacted Ohio law, the Board of Education for the Akron Public Schools has voted to prohibit bringing any dangerous weapons into any school within the district.   The vote at the June 27 Board meeting was 7-0.

Board President N.J. Akbar stated, "Arming our staff will not solve the gun epidemic that we see in this country."   He continued, "Our schools are not the place for this risky experiment so we need our school buildings to be gun- and drug-free zones..."

Here is the official statement issued by the school district.

Ohio Substitute House Bill 99 was passed by both houses of the Ohio Legislature and was signed into law on June 13 by Gov. Mike DeWine.

The new law allows Ohio school districts to arm employees.   And any armed school employee can bring a gun into a school setting after only 24 hours of training.